Meat Dating and Other Business Concepts, 2013

     I haven't worked a lot in my life.

     In high school I worked

     in the summer,

     as a grocery bagger

     and then a soccer camp counselor.

     In college I worked at Urban Outfitters.

     Then I quit

     and got pregnant

     by a man I barely knew.

     We got married,

     and I took a job as a secretary in my dad's office

     for nine months at which time I became 

     a stay-at-home mom with postpartum depression.

     For four years I took care of my husband

     and my son, but I was unhappy

     with my husband and myself

     and decided to apply to school. 

     I got in

     but my parents wouldn't

     and my husband couldn't

     help me. 

     I applied for loans and got rejected. 

     A friend cosigned 

     and we moved to the city 

     and I left my husband 

     and got my own place.

     I got enough money 

     through loans

     and grants

     and odd jobs to not work during school.

     During the summers

     I worked as little as I could

     to pay the bills but not effect

     my parenting schedule.

     I worked as a personal assistant for $10/hr

                     in a vintage clothing boutique for $12

                     as a studio assistant for $14

     I got a sugar daddy until I could no longer shoulder the guilt.

     I gave hand and blow jobs to my friends for money.

     I got food stamps

     and medicaid. 

     Now my parents pay my rent, 

     my debts are sky high

     and my income (if you'd call it that)

     is enough to buy coffee and 

     a train pass. 

     Since school ended in May

     I've applied to sixty jobs

     worked two very short term gigs

     and had one interview.

     Sometimes I think 

     that the perfect job 

     would be to come up with 

     job ideas

     and get paid for concepts.

     The business cards are both object and concept.

     The businesses don't exist but you can still own them.


    Thank You for Submitting, 2012

    Screenshots of penis poems I received on OkCupid

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     My call for penis poetry came out of a deep frustration with the type of messages I was getting on the online dating site, OkCupid. I had tried the more direct approach, "If I want to know about your dick, I will ask", but they seemed only to increase. So I tried a form of reverse psychology, I wrote at the top of my profile, "Dudes with Dicks, Write me a poem about your penis"

       Nearly 400 men on OkCupid wrote me poems in the course of a year. I didn't engage with or respond to them. I just read and collected them.  Sometimes the men would give me details(where they were when they wrote their poem (at work, in transit, at home stroking off) but what was most interesting was the why. Why did they so eagerly respond to my prompt and what, if anything were they hoping to get?

       I have compiled the poems in screenshots so their original form can be preserved. I do not wish to reveal the identities of the men or to poke fun at them. I see the poems them as artifacts of contemporary dating practices and insight into the male ego.